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Monday, July 27, 2015

2018 FIFA World Cup draw

Lesotho scheduled to face Ghana,
if Likuena beat Comoros Islands
The road to Russia 2018 for African countries is now known. On Saturday, FIFA held its 2018 World Cup draw in St Petersburg and the race to reach the showpiece will kick-off in earnest in October.

The qualifying stages have been divided into three phases with the lowest ranked countries on the continent to begin the preliminary stage of qualifying from October 5 to 13. The winners will then join the 27 highest ranked teams in Africa in a home and away knockout phase.

The third and final phase is a round robin stage.

The winners of the knockout ties will be paired into five groups consisting of four countries each and will face each other in a home and away ties from October 3, 2016 to November 14, 2017. The five group winners will automatically qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Now ranked 131 in the world, Lesotho will start its campaign in the preliminary phase. Likuena will face the Comoros Islands. If Lesotho progresses, the daunting task of Ghana awaits.

In other draw highlights, 2010 World Cup host South Africa was handed a tough draw with a second round clash against Angola. Elsewhere, African champions Ivory Coast will face the winner between Liberia and Guinea Bissau while Nigeria will meet either Djibouti or Swaziland for the right to contest the final phase of qualifying.

Full second round 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying draw for Africa:
Cameroon v Somalia/ Niger
Tunisia v Sudan/Mauritania
Guinea v Gambia/Namibia
Congo v São Tomé and Príncipe/ Ethiopia
Egypt v Chad/ Sierra Leone
Ghana v Comoro/Lesotho
Nigeria v Djibouti/Swaziland
Mali v Eritrea/Botswana
DR Congo v Seychelles/Burundi
Cote d'Ivoire v Guinea-Bissau/Liberia
Senegal v CAR/Madagascar
Cape Verde v Mauritius / Kenya
Algeria v Tanzania / Malawi
Sudan v Zambia
Libya v Rwanda
Morocco v Equatorial Guinea
Mozambique v Gabon
Benin v Burkina Faso
Togo v Uganda
Angola v South Africa

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015-16 Vodacom Premier League First Round Fixtures

2015-16 Vodacom Premier League first round fixtures

Clash of the Titans
Bantu and Matlama meet on October 17

Round 1
Saturday 22 August
LCS FC vs. Kick4Life (13:00, Setsoto Stadium)
Lioli vs. Sandawana (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)
Linare vs. Likhopo (15:00, Hlotse)
Sunday 23 August
LDF FC vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Ratjomose)
Liphakoe vs. Likila United (15:00, Quthing)
Matlama vs. Rovers (15:00, Pitso Ground)
LMPS vs. Bantu (15:00, PTC)

Round 2
Saturday 29 August
Rovers vs. Liphakoe (15:00, Roma)
Mphatlalatsane vs. Likila United (15:00, St Monica’s)
Bantu vs. LDF FC (15:00, Mafeteng)
Linare vs. Lioli (15:00, Hlotse)
Sunday 30 August
Kick4Life vs. Matlama (15:00, Old Europa)
Sandawana vs. LCS FC (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Likhopo vs. LMPS (15:00, LCS)


2017 AFCON Qualifiers September 5/6 – Lesotho vs. Algeria

Round 3
Saturday 12 September
LMPS vs. Lioli (15:00, PTC)
LCS FC vs. Linare (15:00, LCS)
Rovers vs. Kick4Life (15:00, Roma)
Sunday 13 September
Matlama vs. Sandawana (15:00, Pitso Ground)
Likila United vs. Bantu (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
LDF FC vs. Likhopo (15:00, Ratjomose)
Liphakoe vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Quthing)

Round 4
Saturday 19 September
Bantu vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Mafeteng)
Likhopo vs. Likila United (15:00, LCS)
Linare vs. Matlama (15:00, Hlotse)
Sandawana vs. Rovers (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Sunday 20 September
LMPS vs. LCS FC (15:00, PTC)
Lioli vs. LDF FC (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)
Kick4Life vs. Liphakoe (15:00, Old Europa)

Round 5
Saturday 26 September
Liphakoe vs. Bantu (15:00, Quthing)
Kick4Life vs. Sandawana (15:00, Old Europa)
LDF FC vs. LCS FC (15:00, Ratjomose)
Matlama vs. LMPS (15:00, Pitso Ground)
Sunday 27 September
Mphatlalatsane vs. Likhopo (15:00, St Monica’s)
Likila United vs. Lioli (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Rovers vs. Linare (15:00, Roma)


October 3/4 – Independence Cup

Round 6
Saturday 10 October
Likhopo vs. Bantu (15:00, LCS)
LMPS vs. Rovers (15:00, PTC)
Sandawana vs. Liphakoe (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Sunday 11 October
Linare vs. Kick4Life (15:00, Hlotse)
LCS FC vs. Likila United (15:00, LCS)
LDF FC vs. Matlama (15:00, Ratjomose)
Lioli vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Round 7
Saturday 17 October
Linare vs. LMPS (15:00, Hlotse)
Sandawana vs. LDF FC (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Bantu vs. Matlama (15:00, Mafeteng)
Sunday 18 October
Liphakoe vs. Lioli (15:00, Quthing)
Kick4Life vs. Likila United (15:00, Old Europa)
Mphatlalatsane vs. Rovers (15:00, St Monica’s)
Likhopo vs. LCS FC (15:00, LCS)

Will Lioli defend their title?
Round 8
Saturday 24 October
LCS FC vs. Bantu (15:00, LCS)
LDF FC vs. Kic4life (15:00, Ratjomose)
Likila United vs. Rovers (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Linare vs. Liphakoe (15:00, Hlotse)
Sunday 25 October
Matlama vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Pitso Ground)
LMPS vs. Sandawana (15:00, PTC)
Lioli vs. Likhopo (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Round 9
Saturday 31 October
Bantu vs. Lioli (15:00, Mafeteng)
Sandawana vs. Linare (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Kick4Life vs. LMPS (15:00, Old Europa)


Sunday 01 November 2015
Likila United vs. Matlama (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Liphakoe vs. Likhopo (15:00, Quthing)
Mphatlalatsane vs. LCS FC (15:00, St Monica’s)
Rovers vs. LDF FC (15:00, Roma)

Round 10
Saturday 7 November
Mphatlalatsane vs. Kick4Life (15:00, St Monica’s)
Matlama vs. Likhopo (15:00, Pitso Ground)
Likila United vs. Sandawana (15:00, Butha-Buthe)

Sunday 8 November
LDF FC vs. Linare (15:00, Ratjomose)
Rovers vs. Bantu (15:00, Roma)
LCS FC vs. Lioli (15:00, LCS)
LMPS vs. Liphakoe (15:00, PTC)

November 14/15 – Catch-up weekend

Round 11                                                                                                         
Saturday 21 November
Lioli vs. Kick4Life (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)
LMPS vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, PTC)
Likhopo vs. Sandawana (15:00, LCS)
Sunday 22 November
Linare vs. Bantu (15:00, Hlotse)
Liphakoe vs. Matlama (15:00, Quthing)
LCS FC vs. Rovers (15:00, LCS)
LDF FC vs. Likila United (15:00, Ratjomose)

Round 12
Saturday 28 November
LDF FC vs. Liphakoe (15:00, Ratjomose)
Matlama vs. LCS FC (15:00, LCS)
Bantu vs. Sandawana (15:00, Mafeteng)
Rovers vs. Lioli (15:00, Roma)
Sunday 29 November
Mphatlalatsane vs. Linare (15:00, St Monica’s)
Likila United vs. LMPS (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Kick4Life vs. Likhopo (15:00, Old Europa)


Round 13
Saturday 5 December
Liphakoe vs. LCS FC (15:00, Quthing)
LMPS vs. LDF FC (15:00, PTC)
Lioli vs. Matlama (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)
Linare vs. Likila United (15:00, Hlotse)
Likhopo vs. Rovers (15:00, LCS)
Sandawana vs. Mphatlalatsane (15:00, Butha-Buthe)
Bantu vs. Kick4Life (15:00, Mafeteng)

December 12/13 – Catch-up weekend