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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ask Thabane Sutu: The future looks bright for Liverpool

Another special from Thabane Sutu

I see a bright future!
Jonjo Shelvey celebrates with teammate Fabio Borini
Jonjo Shelvey reminds me a lot of a young Steven Gerrard! He is going to be a big player for Liverpool in the future.

Having said that, I still don't understand why he went for that tackle on Sunday against Man United! He was at least 60 metres from his goal and there was definitely no need to get into a challenge like that. However, he had the right to win the ball and I thought he both players should have been shown a yellow card.

The referee made three big decisions on the day and they were all in favour of Man United. Shelvey should not have been red carded, Johnson collided with Reina, Valencia goes down and he gets a penalty! Suarez was impeded inside the penalty area and he gets nothing!

That said, Liverpool’s season starts on Saturday against Norwich. Every team’s start to the season is determined by the strength of their fixtures.

Liverpool had to play Man United, Arsenal and Man City in the first five games of the season. That’s a very difficult start and two of those games Liverpool had to play down a man!

I just watched the Capital One Cup game between Liverpool and West Brom and we were magnificent. More importantly, it was a very, very young team. Andre Wisdom, Jack Robinson, Coates, Sahin (extremely good player), Yesil (he will become a household name very soon), Assaidi, Suso, and young Jerome Sinclair who became Liverpool’s youngest ever player at 16 years and six days.

Jerome Sinclair, Liverpool's youngest ever player
Dalglish was too conservative about playing these kids. Suso is ten times better on the ball than Charlie Adam, Yesil has that element of ingenuity about him, he does the unexpected! He is also 34 million pounds cheaper than Andy Carroll.

Assaidi is a tricky, tasty winger. He is fun to watch! He tormented the West Brom rightback today. He is going to be a very, very good signing for Liverpool. Some of the football the team played today was absolutely fantastic… very expansive!

Rodgers is introducing Barca’s possession style of football and it will take time. Traditionally, the football field is divided in thirds, but Barcelona have taken it further by dividing it into six areas. So when they win the ball they have six lines of attack and that’s almost impossible to control!

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