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Thursday, March 3, 2016

FIFA Rankings: Lesotho 153 in the world, Cape Verde top in Africa

Likuena in free-fall
Lesotho has dropped to 153rd the world in the latest FIFA rankings released today. The past 12 months have seen a free-fall for Lesotho which reached its highest ever FIFA ranking of 105 in August 2014.

Likuena’s form has dropped since then and they won only one of their 16 international games played in 2015.

Lesotho’s next fixture is a 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier against the Seychelles away from home on Saturday, March 26.

Likuena will host Seychelles three days later. The match will be played on Tuesday, March 29 at Setsoto Stadium and will kick-off at 15:00, the Lesotho Football Association has confirmed.

Lesotho is currently bottom of Group J of the 2017 AFCON qualifiers, a group that also consists of leaders Algeria, Ethiopia and the Seychelles.

In other rankings news, the Cape Verde Islands have ascended to the top of the African rankings for the first time. The island nation with a population of roughly 500 000 is ranked 31st in the world. It is a remarkable achievement. They are ahead of reigning African champions Ivory Coast, who are 36th in the world, and Algeria, ranked 37th by FIFA.

Cameroon also returned to the top 10 in Africa at the expense of Guinea.

Africa FIFA Rankings
Rank    Team  
31        Cape Verde Islands
36        Côte d'Ivoire
37        Algeria                                   
41        Ghana 
47        Tunisia
48        Senegal           
53        Egypt
58        Congo DR      
59        Congo
61        Cameroon       
62        Nigeria                       
63        Guinea
67        Uganda
70        South Africa
73        Mali
76        Equatorial Guinea
77        Benin  
78        Zambia           
81        Morocco         
83        Gabon
85        Rwanda                      
86        Burkina Faso  
92        Botswana       
100      Mozambique
101      Togo   
101      Liberia            
103      Kenya
104      Malawi
106      Mauritania      
107      Libya
108      Niger
109      Angola           
110      Central African Republic
115      Sierra Leone   
120      Ethiopia          
124      Swaziland                  
125      Tanzania         
127      Chad  
129      Burundi          
130      Madagascar                
131      Zimbabwe                  
133      Namibia          
135      Sudan             
140      South Sudan  
147      Guinea-Bissau
153      Lesotho
164      Gambia           
172      Mauritius        
173      Comoros         
174      São Tomé e Príncipe  
191      Seychelles                  
204      Djibouti          
204      Eritrea
204      Somalia

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