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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mosito Lehata begins Rio 2016 campaign

Mosito Lehata (left) begins his Rio 2016 run
Mosito Lehata begins his Rio 2016 Olympics on Saturday evening when he races in the 100 metres.

Because Lehata is a ranked runner he will not compete in the preliminary round which starts from 19:30 (CAT). Instead, he will race in the first round heats which start at 22:00 (CAT). The semi-finals and the final of the 100 metres will be on Monday.

Lehata is in good form heading into his Rio bow.

He won silver in the 100 metres at the Africa Senior Championships in South Africa in June where he set a new personal best time of 10.04 seconds, which is also the Lesotho national record.

Speaking on Friday, Lehata said he hopes to lower his 100 metres mark again and reach Monday’s final.

“I don’t know how far God can carry me but I am hoping for a new national record and to make to it to the final. That is what I am praying for. Hopefully God hears me cry,” Lehata said.

Lehata will also race in the 200 metres which starts on Tuesday.

His personal best time in the event is 20.42 seconds which he set last July in Tomblain, France.

The 100 and 200 metres record holder is Lesotho’s biggest draw at the Rio Olympic Games.

He fine-tuned his preparations at a training camp in Nancy, France from July 14 to 30.

Lehata also has solid championship pedigree. He was in a finalist in the 200 metres at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he eventually finished fourth. 

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