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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2015 Afcon Qualifying Draw

First Round
Liberia v Lesotho
Kenya v Comoros Islands
Madagascar v Uganda
Mauritania v Equatorial Guinea
Namibia v Congo
Libya v Rwanda
Burundi v Botswana
Central African Republic v Guinea Bissau
Swaziland v Sierra Leone
Gambia v Seychelles
Sao Tome & Principe v Benin
Malawi v Chad
Tanzania v Zimbabwe
Mozambique v South Sudan

First legs: May 16-18
Second Legs: May 30-31 and June 1

Second Round
Liberia or Lesotho v Kenya or Comoros Islands
Madagascar or Uganda v Mauritania or Equatorial Guinea
Namibia or Congo v Libya or Rwanda
Burundi or Botswana v Central African Republic or Guinea Bissau
Swaziland or Sierra Leone v Gambia or Seychelles
Sao Tome & Principe or Benin v Malawi or Chad
Tanzania or Zimbabwe v Mozambique or South Sudan

First legs: July 18-20
Second legs: August 1-3

Group Stage
Group A: Nigeria (champions), Sudan, South Africa - plus winners of Namibia
 vs. Congo Brazzaville/Libya vs. Rwanda
Group B: Mali, Ethiopia, Algeria - plus winners of Sao Tome & Principe
 vs. Benin/Malawi vs. Chad
Group C: Burkina Faso, Gabon, Angola - plus winners of Liberia
 vs. Lesotho/Kenya vs. Comoros Islands
Group D: Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon -
 plus winners of Swaziland vs. Sierra Leone/Gambia vs. Seychelles
Group E: Ghana, Guinea, Togo -
 plus winners of Madagascar vs. Uganda/Mauritania vs. Equatorial Guinea
Group F: Zambia, Niger, Cape Verde Islands - plus winners of Tanzania
 vs. Zimbabwe/Mozambique vs. South Sudan
Group G: Tunisia, Senegal, Egypt - plus winners of Burundi
 vs. Botswana/ Central African Republic vs. Guinea Bissau

First rounds: September 5, 6 & 10
Second rounds: October 10, 11 & 15
Final rounds: November 14, 15 & 19

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