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Friday, May 16, 2014

#Thoughts: Viva Atlético!

Together as one... Viva Atletico!
With one more weekend to go and needing just a point to win the league, all I can say is: Viva Atlético!

If I am Diego Simeone, though, I am disappointed, disappointed Atlético have put themselves in a position to lose this; because they can.

The La Liga title could, and maybe should, be wrapped up already.

Going to the Camp Nou won’t be easy at all. And for Barcelona this is an amazing chance at redemption, they will be 1000% up for it. And even if they are the inferior side right now, Barça have played so much worse than Atlético (for over a month now) that they will be less fatigued mentally and physically. Atlético have put everything and more to be in the position they are in whereas one can rightly say Barça have been going through the motions for the past four weeks. They’ve also not gone as far Atletico in the Champions League so again they are fresher in this regard. 

So, in my view it’s scary; all set up for Atlético to lose it.

And we know in Spain the home team gets the calls! A soft 80th minute penalty deciding the league... Then there’s the home crowd factor as well.
Take flight... Destination La Liga!
It’s just very difficult for Atlético and that would be my real disappointment as the coach.

But! Atlético have done amazing to be here. Fingers crossed for them. 

I just hope they get one trophy, at least. Because right now I’m scared to say, I can see Atlético ending the season trophyless. Real Madrid will be super rested and fired up for the Champions League final, whereas Diego Costa plays this Saturday, maybe aggravates his thigh problem, and Atlético have another problem.

But, I hope. I hope!

Viva Atlético!

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