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Friday, April 15, 2016

Lebopo: ‘I still have plenty in the tank’

40 years young... Mabuthile Lebopo
40-year-old marathon specialist Mabuthile Lebopo, who finished fourth at the Two Oceans Marathon last month, says he is far from retiring.

Lebopo ran the Cape Town ultra-marathon in a time of 3 hours, 16 minutes and 31 seconds (3:16:31).

It was a performance that belied Lebopo’s age.

Lebopo won the prestigious Two Oceans back in 2010 and he said he is still focused on improvement.

“It is all about believing in yourself. For me, it is not about age, but being passionate about what I do for a living. I never think about my age but just focus on training for the job at hand,” Lebopo said.

Lebopo ran his personal best marathon time of 2:13:42 hours at the Durban City Marathon in 2009. He said he still feels in good shape and that he has at least two more years of competing at the highest level.

“I’m still feeling very fit and good enough to run for at least another two years. I think my body will tell me when the time has come to retire. But for now, I’m embracing this sport with a smile, the way it has been for me over the years,” Lebopo said.

Mabuthile Lebopo Performances:
Two Oceans Utlra Marathon:
11th in 2014 (3:16:33)
17th in 2012 (3:17:51)
12th in 2011 (3:13:59)
1st in 2010 (3:06:18)

Other races:     
2012: 3rd in Soweto Marathon (2:17:14)
2011: 7th in Soweto Marathon (2:20:27)
2010: 6th in Soweto Marathon (2:22:22), 7th in PetroSA Half Marathon (66:46)
2009: 1st in Durban City Marathon 2009 (2:13:42), 2nd in Soweto Marathon 2009 (2:19:19)
2008: 1st in Durban City Marathon 2008 (2:13:52)

Personal Bests
10,000 metres
Port Elizabeth (RSA)
10 km Road
Holcim (RSA)
Half Marathon
Cape Town (RSA)
Durban (RSA)

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